Senad Ličina

Code Magician. Raver. Nerd.
Hamburg, Germany.


Moin Moin and welcome to my website!

My name is Senad and I'm a passionate Software Engineer. My special interests lie within machine learning and audio processing. I'm always looking for a new challange and thereby eager to start new projects. Although I'm familiar with classical technologies and patterns, I usually prefer to be cutting edge.

Currently I'm working as a freelancer and thereby open for hire. Feel free to contact me via e-mail, XING or Facebook.


A selection of projects I've actively been involved in.

The web representation of a talented DJ from Hamburg. I'm responsible for the development and maintainance of this website. Technologies used in this project: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.


Stuffle is a digital fleamarket targeted at mobile devices. During my involvment in the initial back-end development, Stuffle has been elected to “best german iPhone App 2012” by the iPhone Developer Conference (IPDC). In this project I was mainly using PHP and Python.


StarMoney is germanys market-leading banking software. In this project I'm responsible for the development of a cross-platform script execution framework. Technologies used in this project include JavaScript, Java, Objective-C, C++ & Qt.


Although I'm quite open to try unknown and new technologies, it might be interesting to know which technologies I'm already familiar with.

Programming Languages

C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python

Frameworks & More

Android SDK, Bootstrap, Django, jQuery, Laravel, Materialize, NodeJS, Qt, Symphony